About Us

When it comes to coffee, your customers deserve, and demand the very best. Your coffee should make you stand out from the competition, and keep your customers coming back for more.

As a leading provider of professional espresso equipment , and freshly-roasted coffee , Coffee Central provides the complete package, so you’ll deliver the best coffee, day after day. Founded in 2003, you can trust us to keep your customers coming back, time and time again.

Leasing your coffee machine gives you the opportunity to test before you invest. We hire market-leading BRITESSO machines , which are manufactured by Crem International, one of the largest espresso machine manufacturers in the world.

Our coffee is enjoyed by customers in award-winning independent coffee shops and restaurants all over the Midlands, and beyond. Locally roasted, our coffees’ freshness is unbeatable. Our wide variety of blends ensures we can find the perfect mix of flavours to help you build a loyal base of coffee-loving customers. Now you can match the quality of your machine, with the coffee you put in it.

Our comprehensive aftercare service includes free barista training, and we use our own in-house engineers so you can be confident you can get on with what you do best: keeping your customers happy, visit after visit.

Find out how we can help you give your customers the perfect cup of coffee, from freshly-ground beans to professional machine rental. Just call us on 0800 012 5001.