Our Coffee

At Coffee Central, we are very particular about our coffee. We know what it takes to build a loyal customer base, and how providing a great-tasting coffee improves your bottom line.

We source our coffees from all over the world, and roast them at our Nottingham Headquarters, to guarantee freshness and great taste. With over 25 years of roasting and blending experience, we pride ourselves on bringing you some of the finest coffees available.

Working with our experienced roaster on a daily basis, we ensure our coffees are rarely older than a few days, by the time they reach our customers across the country.


cupThe average net cost of a cappuccino (coffee, milk, water, sugar, electricity and labour) is less than 20p! With prices around the £2 mark, if your business sells just 30 cappuccinos a day, you’d make a profit of over £19,000 a year!

Some of our leading coffees are listed below but we have many more

Kenyan AA Jungle Estate SL-28
Near Nyeri, southwest of Mt Kenya, this medium scale coffee farm produces some of the finest coffee cherries in the world. Fully washed, this coffee has a bright wine like acidity with sweet citrus flavours of marmalade and orange peel.

Guatemalan Montecristo Nueva Granada Estate – Bourbon
From the San Marcos region situated between the two tallest volcanos in Guatemala this single estate Rain Forest Alliance Certified 100% Bourbon micro lot produces classic sweet and citrus flavours with a great balance. Farm owner Johann Nottebohm provides free transport and healthcare for the workers and has built a school on site for their children.

Colombian Finca Primavera Tolima – Typica / Caturra
This micro lot hails from the Finca Primavera Estate in the Tolima region. Owner Carlos Ramirez has maintained his farm despite the volatile social climate of the region. He credits the quality of his coffee to the sandy clay soil high in mineral-rich volcanic ash and the mature trees in the cultivation area further enhancing the soil and providing cover for the coffee plants.

Costa Rican ‘El Rodeo’ Tarrazu Fairtrade – Caturra / Catuai
The region of Tarrazu in central Costa Rica has a long standing reputation for quality. This is a wonderful example from the excellent El Rodeo community of small holder farmers. Grown at 1650-1800 metres above sea level and 100% Fairtrade certified.

Sumatran Mandheling – Typica / Tim Tim / Ateng
Grown on the indonesian island of Sumatra, this coffee is named after north Sumatra’s Mandheling people. Mandheling coffees often exhibit tones of spice and licorice and are often made up of many different local varietals.


To arrange a free tasting session, either at our Nottingham Headquarters, or at your business, please call us on 0800 012 5001 or e-mail info@coffeecentral.co.uk

You’ll love our free Barista training

To support your business, and ensure you get the best taste from our premium quality coffee, we offer free first class barista training.


It’s estimated that over 95% of cappuccinos, lattes and americanos are made incorrectly, meaning that the end result doesn’t live up to the quality f the ingredients.

Coffee Central’s in-house trainers have a wealth of experience and knowledge, and our programme is designed to give you an edge in today’s competitive market.

As well as an introduction to your coffee and equipment and tips to give you a competitive edge, you’ll learn:

  • the basics of grinding
  • the importance of espresso
  • coffee creation
  • perfecting the art of steaming milk
  • cleaning and basic maintenance