What Are The Most Popular Types Of Coffee Drink?

The Most Popular In The UK The most popular coffee drinks in the UK are the Latte, Cappuccino and Americano. Increasingly, the Flat White (which is essentially a smaller, stronger latte, though arguments continue about how to define it) is becoming one of the most popular choices. Other new coffee related drinks include Cold Brew […]

How Do You Do Latte Art?

What is latte art? Latte art is a technique that skilled Baristas use to present milk-based coffees beautifully, but also to demonstrate the care and precision that has gone into the preparation of the beverage. Frothed vs. Textured Milk What is the difference? The common misconception is that “frothed” milk and “textured/steamed” milk are the […]

How Do I Dispose Of Coffee Grounds?

Discover how to responsibly dispose of your coffee grounds If you own a coffee shop or are simply a lover of coffee, it is inevitable that you’ll be left with heaps of coffee grounds. It is important to dispose of these correctly to keep your space clean and help the environment. Throwing your coffee grounds […]

How Many Types Of Coffee Beans Are There?

Learn about the different kinds of coffee bean species Roasted coffee beans are the seeds of berries from different Coffea species. Once the berries are ripe, they are picked, processed and dried. These dried seeds, or “beans”, are roasted at varying degrees depending upon the desired taste. There are two main species of coffee: Arabica […]

How Do You Make a Macchiato?

Macchiato Recipe The literal caffé macchiato translation from Italian is “stained coffee” or coffee with a spot of milk as it’s typically a single espresso served with a dollop of steamed or frothed milk. As the ratio of espresso to milk is greater than any other speciality coffee drink, the simple and overlooked macchiato is […]

How Do You Make Iced Coffee?

Why you need to be making iced coffee You may notice when we approach the warmer months that your customers’ tastes shift and they crave something more refreshing. If you notice your milk steamer doesn’t get much love during the summer, it’s time to up the ante and put things on ice. Iced coffee has […]

How Do You Make A Ristretto Shot?

What is a ristretto shot? A Ristretto shot is still an espresso shot, but it uses half the amount of water during extraction by using a finer grind. Therefore, the coffee has a more concentrated flavour. How to make a Ristretto shot What is the brew ratio? This is a question of brew ratio, which […]

How Do You Grind Coffee Beans?

Discover 4 different ways to grind coffee beans at home We’ve all got a jar of ground coffee in our cupboards at home. But how do baristas in coffee shops grind the coffee beans which become the base of our favourite coffee drink?It is important to use the correct grind setting for the brew method […]

How To Prevent Your Baristas From Quitting

Keep your staff happy to improve your business Have your staff been quitting recently? They may be unhappy with the way they are treated or the lack of staff benefits they receive. Employee turnover can be a headache for businesses and can disrupt the productivity of the team, so it is important to look after […]

How Do I Find The Best Barista Talent?

What do you expect from your employees? In recent years, the role of a Barista has changed from being perceived as a relatively low-skilled, low paid, part-time job, to a respectable and genuine career choice in a burgeoning speciality coffee industry. There are two key questions that you need to ask yourself before you start […]