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Learn more about barista qualifications in the UK

Whether you are an employer trying to upskill your baristas or a new barista who would like to find out what qualifications and training materials are out there, there is a lot for you!

There are a number of options for employers to consider when looking to train up a new barista, or indeed improve and develop existing ones. Read through our list of recommended list of qualifications to make the best choice for your staff.

In-House Training

How can you help your staff internally?

Firstly, look at what you can offer in-house. Learning while working is not a new concept but is one of the most effective ways to train up your team of baristas. At Coffee Central, we provide detailed on-site training for all of our staff and this is fairly consistent across the industry today.

Gaining the skills and understanding required to become a genuinely excellent barista is not something that can be achieved in one session, but over time the skills will be picked up. Once you are happy that your employees have basic barista skills and understand how your coffee shop/business works, you can consider some of the courses and qualifications below.

City & Guilds

A great beginners course

City & Guilds offer a solid and comprehensive starting course which covers all the main areas of understanding. This is a ‘barista skills’ course that covers key topics such as how to operate commercial coffee machines and preparing decent espresso-based drinks.

This is a great beginners course for baristas at beginners level and can be completed while working in hospitality. After completing the course the barista will receive a level 2 qualification.

The London School of Coffee

A range of speciality coffee qualifications

For more in-depth and up-to-date training, the London School of Coffee provides a range of courses. These courses include barista skills and latte art, as well as more specific speciality coffee qualifications such as courses in professional cupping and green coffee.

These courses range in level too from vocational courses up to a diploma, you will find the most suitable course for yourself or your staff. In addition to training your baristas, The London School of Coffee also covers courses in how to start a coffee shop or a roastery.

Specialty Coffee Association

Courses for a career in coffee

Finally, for staff considering a career in coffee, the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) offer very well-respected professional courses which run from Beginner up to Intermediate and Expert. Again, these courses cover a range of different areas including specific courses on barista skills, green coffee, sensory skills and roasting, to name just a few. These courses feed into a larger overarching SCA diploma which is a very well-respected qualification for budding coffee professionals.


There are so many different courses and qualifications out there, and it’s important that you choose the most relevant ones for your business or career progression needs.

Be sure to research into different career paths and find out which qualification suits you best. If you have already applied for a role, speak to the manager about the qualifications they require their baristas to have. For further information on how your new skills will be put into action, be sure to read our article on ‘how to become a barista‘.

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