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Social media for coffee shops

It’s a given that most coffee shop owners will have social media accounts ranging from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and more. But how many are utilising their online presence to their biggest advantage? It’s highly likely that you don’t need much convincing to amp up your coffee shop social media presence (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this!) – but if you do, take note of The Shed at Dulwich. ‘Owner’ Oobah Butler was able to fool lots of customers into believing the shed he lived in and served Iceland meals was a Michelin-star deserving restaurant with the help of lots of fake reviews. Whilst we don’t advocate you lying to increase your popularity, Butler gives us the perfect example of what you can achieve online. Imagine what you can attain by being honest!

We’ve rounded up our top tips on how to harness your online power to attract new coffee loving customers on social media. All of these tips can be implemented on most social media platforms – but we recommend focussing on one or two platforms (such as Instagram and Facebook) that you can put all your efforts in.

Partner with other local businesses

Deals are better in pairs.

Playing on the locality of your coffee shop on social media is a great way of attracting nearby new potential customers. What better way to achieve this by joining forces with another local or independent business? Look at local events or days like Father’s/Mother’s Day, why not get in touch with local gift shops or barber shops to put together a prize of their products and some gift vouchers or coffee syrups from your coffee shop? Post an irresistible photo on your coffee shop social media account and make sure your partners do too. Ensure that customers are encouraged to share the post and tag their friends as part of the rules and benefit from all the exposure you will receive!

Social media content ideas for coffee shops

A picture (or video) is definitely worth a thousand words!

How often do you find yourself scrolling aimlessly through videos and pictures online on your smartphone? So many of us are guilty of this but imagine if some of these posts that people scroll through were of your coffee shop? Invest some time in taking photos of your great drinks and food and encourage your employees to do the same. Maybe you have a barista with a keen eye for photography or social media that you can empower with this new task. Before you know it, you’ll have a collection of ready-to-post content for all your accounts. Not sure what to post? Some big coffee shop social media trends at the moment are coffee art and dairy-free alternatives such as almond and oat milk.

Give customers something to post about

Make your coffee shop #Instagrammable

We’ve all seen people in restaurants and cafes taking photos of their orders. It’s often followed with embarrassment from the keen customer. However, what many owners fail to realise that this is free marketing for their coffee shop. There are two things to take note about this. Firstly, make sure you’re serving your customers something so aesthetically pleasing that they want to show it off to all their followers. We’re talking about lovely coffee mugs and ensuring your decor is on point. Secondly, let your customers know that they are welcome to take as many photos as they like – they aren’t as brave as you think they are! We recommend writing “Don’t forget to tag us @yourcoffeeshopname!” on your chalkboard or offering 10% off to all customers who upload posts and reviews of your coffee shop and watch the free publicity flow.

Gaining exposure through influencer marketing

Invite local influencers and vloggers to your coffee shop

Much like our first tip, joining forces with local influencers and vloggers (video bloggers) will gain you exposure to brand new audiences. We suggest looking through social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube for accounts that are local to your coffee shop with a substantial following – your younger employees might be able to help with this! Once you’ve found a few, why not invite them to your coffee shop for a complimentary visit? Whilst we know that all of our customers and readers are passionate about great customer service, it’s imperative that you deliver a great experience in order to receive positive reviews.

What are your favourite ways of using social media for your coffee shop? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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