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El Salvador - Finca San Ernesto

El Salvador; Apaneca Illamatapec


Finca San Ernesto is part of Urrutia’s Estate Coffee, a family business dating back to the 1870s when Mr. Juan Urrutia S. an eminent and visionary Salvadoran farmer, pioneered the cultivation of the Bourbon varietal in El Salvador. Perfectly ripe cherries are handpicked then depulped leaving their mucilage attached. They are then spread on drying beads.  This process takes approx 10 / 12 days. Really enjoyable as an espresso but also a satisfying and balanced pour over.

Origin – El Salvador
Region – Comosagua
Farm – San Ernesto
Altitude – 1400-1850 Masl
Varietal – Bourbon, Pacas
Process – Honey
Tasting notes – Orange, Maple, Almond (86.00)