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With cold coffee already increasingly popular and with the hottest summer on record since the famed ‘summer of 76’ we thought we would give you the low down on the 3 different kinds of delicious cold coffee beverages we love and that you should definitely be offering your customers right now, and why not all year round.


The trendiest cold coffee option around at the moment is undoubtedly cold brew. Its a full immersion long contact time brew which yields a smooth flavoured coffee naturally low in acidity and very easy to drink. It’s a great brew to try at home too!


Suggested Coffee: Guatemala Pena Roja / Ethiopia Beloya
Roast Profile: Light filter
Brew Ratio: 60g/L
Equipment: Cold brew toddy system
Contact time: 14 hours


Weigh and grind your coffee to french press particle size. Pour your ground coffee into your Toddy and pour the correct amount of water in on top, make sure you wet all the coffee. Stir it vigorously 30-40 times in a circle. Cover and store in a fridge for 12 -15 hours then filter out the ground coffee and enjoy!


Cold Brew infused with Nitrogen, smooth, a bit richer and pretty tasty  – yeah it looks like Guinness.


Suggested Coffee: Brazil Ipanema Yellow Bourbon
Roast Profile: Medium filter
Brew Ratio: 60-80g/L
Water: 10% 96 degree Celsius, 90% cool/room temp
Contact time: 14 hours


Weigh and grind your coffee, remembering to rinse your filter. Place ground coffee in the Toddy and pour your weighed hot water over, making sure to wet all coffee evenly for a hot bloom. Top up with the rest of your water, cover Toddy and store in the fridge for 6 hours before filtering and drinking.


A little less coffee geeky this one but still very enjoyable in the sunshine. If you have a sweeter tooth you can even through some syrup in here if you like!


Suggested Coffee: Brazil Ipanema Yellow Bourbon
Roast Profile: Medium espresso
Brew Ratio: 18g in / 36g out
Water: 96 degree Celsius
Contact time: 14 hours


Fill a glass with Ice then half fill with cold milk (or dairy-free alternative). Steam some milk (or alternative) then spoon textured foam on top of the milk and ice.  Carefully prepare your espresso shot then pour you espresso using a small jug onto a spoon held just under the surface of the foam to layer your coffee. Syrup can be added

Cool yourself down and give you and your customers a pick up at the same time with any of these cold coffee options. If hot summers are here to stay, there’s a good chance cold coffee will get more and more popular, so time to get familiar!

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