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Discover how to responsibly dispose of your coffee grounds

If you own a coffee shop or are simply a lover of coffee, it is inevitable that you’ll be left with heaps of coffee grounds. It is important to dispose of these correctly to keep your space clean and help the environment. Throwing your coffee grounds down the sink is one of the biggest problems that plumbers encounter and it must be avoided. Many people simply throw their coffee grounds into the bin, but there are lots of creative ways in which you can repurpose your coffee waste. We have created a handy list of some of our favourite ways to reuse your coffee grounds.


One of the best ways to dispose of coffee grounds is by using it as a fertiliser for your plants. The grounds are a source of nitrogen for the plant, helping to promote healthy growth and strong stems.

Using coffee grounds as a fertiliser has often been criticised by gardeners due to the acidic levels of the coffee. However, this can be avoided by rinsing your coffee grounds with water which will ensure that the grounds have a lower pH level and are not acidic.

There are a lot of other ways that you can use coffee grounds in your garden including as a cat repellant or as a post-gardening hand exfoliator.

Organic Waste

Another really popular, and easy way, to dispose of your coffee grounds is through making a compost heap. All coffee grounds are fully compostable. You could try making a compost heap in your garden to help you dispose of waste and keep your plants happy.

Biofuels and Biochemicals

There are now a number of companies worldwide that are looking for ways to create renewable and sustainable energy. Bio Bean is a UK company, and the first in the world, who collect used coffee and recycle it into fuel bricks in this way.

Disposing of your coffee grounds properly is really important and should be taken seriously. You should never dispose of your coffee grounds down the sink. They will settle, solidify and block up your plumbing, giving you a headache down the line.

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