Whatever your preferred method our brew guides will help you get the best from your coffee.


We think espresso should be sweet, vibrant, viscous and aromatic. Not bitter.


  1. First, check your basket size. It’ll usually be between 16g – 20g. A lot of domestic machines are 17g, most pro machines are 18g. Once you know your basket size that’s the dose of coffee you should use

  2. We recommend a brew ratio of 1:2. so we want twice the amount of liquid espresso to dry ground coffee. For 18g of dry coffee our yield should be 36g 

  3. Freshly grind your coffee, distribute the grinds in your filter basket, tamp firmly (dont tap the side of your portafilter though – this can cause fractures and channeling!)

  4. Engage your group handle, tare your brew scales with your cup on and start your extraction

  5. We want a shot time between 26-32s. If your brew takes less time than this to produce your desired shot you’ll need to go finer on your grind, if it takes longer than 32 seconds you need to go coarser

  6. When you reach your desired shot weight (36g for example) stop the extraction. Your ready to stir, pour your steamed milk if making a milk based drink and enjoy!

Pro or beginner this is our go to recipe.....


For French Press we suggest a 1:14 ratio of ground coffee to water. This recipe serves 2


  1. Weigh out 30g of coffee 

  2. This is a contact time brew so a coarse even grind is best. For superior results a Kruve Sieve will remove finer particles making for a cleaner more flavourful cup. Grind fresh wherever possible – pre-ground coffee stales very quickly

  3. Boil your Kettle, leave it to cool for 2 minutes

  4. Place your French press on your brew scales, tare and pour 420ml of boiled water onto your coffee. Stir once

  5. Allow your coffee to brew for 4 minutes, a crust will form on the top

  6. After 4 minutes break this crust with the back of a spoon and stir 3 times

  7. Once most of your grinds have sunk to the bottom, scoop off any frothy residue

  8. No need to push the plunger down, this just disturbs the grinds. The filter will do its job at the top just as well

  9. Now leave the coffee another 4-6 mins before serving to allow for more flavours to develop, then pour and enjoy

Call it what you like; its a classic brew method and this is how to get the best from it...

3. POur over (v60/Kalita/chemex)

Firstly, its worth noting that, depending on the Coffee you are brewing, slightly different pour over recipes will yield better or worse results. 

Generally we use 21g of ground coffee just a little coarser than espresso grind and a total of 315ml of water

  1. Start by rinsing your filter paper to remove the slight papery taste you sometimes get. Then grind your coffee, add it to your brewer, place your brewer over your chosen serving jug or carafe and tare your scales 

  2. Pour approx 50ml of water over all of the ground coffee to begin the initial ‘bloom’. This is to remove carbon dioxide which is the enemy of extraction. The coffee will bubble and expand

  3. After around 60 seconds, when all the water has dripped through add 65ml more water and let that draw down

  4. Add 100ml more water and allow to draw down, then repeat

  5. The whole brew time should be around 3 monutes but don’t worry if it takes a little longer. Fines can cause your coffee bed to clog up a little sometimes. Sieving out fines using the correct Kruve sieve can really improve flavour with this method 

  6. Pour and enjoy!

This is the way we brew most of our coffee in the office...

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