Free on Loan Coffee Machines

A cost-saving trick to save your business money

Want to have the luxury of using a brand new coffee machine in your coffee shop, but can’t afford to buy one? A free on loan coffee machine may be just the right solution for you and your business’ needs.

Free on loan deals usually involve an agreement to purchase a minimum amount of ingredients from the coffee supplier, and in return, they will provide you with all the coffee equipment you need – free of charge.

Typically, this is around a minimum of 8kg per month. Given the ‘average’ coffee shop can expect to go through this amount every week, this minimum amount shouldn’t be a problem for most coffee businesses.

Leasing vs. Free on Loan

Alternatively, you can purchase your coffee equipment on a lease for between £150 – £300 per month. Many people choose this option as they would prefer to eventually own their machine after a few years. However, you should consider the lifespan of your machine. It is likely that you’ll have to replace it after this period anyway, subsequently finding yourself trapped in a loop, forever paying leasing costs.

If your business is fast-paced and constantly changing, you may find these leases difficult. Most leases are rigid and unforgiving to changing business demands, whilst free on loan agreements are generally designed with customers at the heart, offering the flexibility to trade up or down, depending on how your business develops.

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