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What do you expect from your employees?

In recent years, the role of a Barista has changed from being perceived as a relatively low-skilled, low paid, part-time job, to a respectable and genuine career choice in a burgeoning speciality coffee industry.

There are two key questions that you need to ask yourself before you start hiring staff for your coffee business:

1. Do you want a person who only works on the coffee machine, or do you require someone flexible who can jump in anywhere?
2. Do you want someone who is experienced and skilled, or do you want someone who is new to the role but passionate about speciality coffee and keen to learn?

By answering these questions and understanding exactly what role you would like your new recruit to fulfil, you should be able to then understand more information about what qualities and experience you need from a barista.


How would your ideal candidate behave?

Once you are clear in your mind about the experience and qualities you desire, you can narrow down the list of potential candidates. For any barista job, the characteristics of any candidate should ideally include:

  • A positive mental attitude
  • Flexibility (willing to work irregular hours if required)
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Openness to learning

Depending on the pace of your coffee business and the role that the new barista will be fulfilling will vary the importance of these characteristics slightly. For example, a coffee shop in central London would be a completely different atmosphere than a coffee shop in a small village. Baristas in London would have to adapt to a fast-paced environment and may be under more stress, whereas a barista in a small local coffee shop would be more relaxed and have more time to perfect their skills.


Learn more about your candidates from their previous employers

You are well within your rights to request a reference from the candidate’s previous employer. You can ask about their prior position, the dates of their employment, and whether they would hire them again. This can help you to discover whether they are punctual, if they work hard, and any strengths or weaknesses. If the previous employer refuses to give a reference, this is probably a sign in itself.

Example Job Advertisement

Ensure you are attracting the best talent

To attract the right talent to join your team you need to make sure that the job advertisement is just right. Job ads are often the first point of contact for potential candidates so they should clearly show the following:

  • Your brand tone, voice and values
  • Key characteristics that you are looking for
  • A brief overview of what the role will consist of

We have written an example of a job advertisement for a new barista. Simply edit to suit your needs, before beginning your recruitment process. Good luck!

Template Advert for Baristi

We are on the hunt for WONDERFUL PEOPLE! We need Barista’s and front of house staff and we want you to join our brand new coffee shop!

To give you the low down – we are ____________________________ and we are looking for friendly faces to join our team!

What we need from you:

To be reliable and punctual, to be able to work under pressure, to maintain a positive and can do attitude at all times, to be flexible and open to learning, to be passionate about coffee and customer service.

For the right candidate, we are offering: ___________________________________________

Please send a brief cover letter telling us a little bit about yourself along with your CV outlining your experience to __________________________________

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