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Apologies from the start for the outright sales nature of this journal entry. But put quite simply, I don’t think i’d be doing my job if I didn’t communicate the cost saving benefits of free on loan equipment packages!

For those of you who aren’t aware, these deals generally mean your coffee provider supplies all the coffee equipment your business needs, with the guarantee you’ll purchase a minimum amount of ingredients from them. This is usually a minimum of 8kg per month. Given the ‘average’ coffee shop can expect to go through this amount every week, this minimum amount shouldn’t be a problem for any half serious coffee business.

Alternatively, you can purchase your equipment on a lease for between £150 – £300 per month. Whilst many of you out there will (correctly) say, ‘yes but this way we’ll own it after 5 years’ you should really think about the lifespan of your machine – chances are you’ll have to replace it after this period anyway, subsequently finding yourself trapped in a loop, forever paying leasing costs.

And what if your business needs change? Most leases are rigid and unforgiving to changing business demands, whilst free on loan agreements are generally designed with customers at the heart, offering the flexibility to trade up or down, depending on how your business develops.

Of course, for really busy sites, it may actually be cheaper to purchase your equipment and negotiate excellent rates for coffee supplies. But then again, for really busy sites, assuming your using the right supplier, you wouldn’t expect to have to pay anything for your equipment anyway!

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