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Coffee After Covid; how the humble bean survived the virus… 

For those who have been forced to work from home in the last 18 months whilst the Covid pandemic has run its course little daily habits have been somewhat of a godsend and have helped maintain a sense of normality. A simple coffee for example has been a comforting and habitual anchor the ease and ubiquity of which is somewhat taken for granted. As the dust settles and (touch wood) the worst of the pandemic is over, we think it is worth sparing a thought for all of the people you have to thank for that latte, that simple shot that’s ever let you down.

The last 18 months have not been easy for anyone in the coffee industry. Farmers, farm worker, smallholders, merchants, brokers, cooperative members, exporters, importers, roasters, coffee business owners and of course barista’s and hospitality workers. More than 100 million people depend on coffee for their livelihood. Baristas and coffee shop owners were some of the first to close as lockdowns began. Some have not reopened.

The supply chain has been resilient, businesses throughout have made sacrifices and hard decisions in order to survive.  Companies have helped each other and worked together to make the best of a bad situation and retailers have been innovative and rugged in their effort to keep going.

Now things are beginning to normalise and with a quiet confidence we are happy to be seeing a return to a pre-covid trading environment.

But, now opportunity knocks. The sector is predicted to grow and per capita consumption is predicted to increase. Sales are set to improve steadily for cafe and coffee business owners over the next 12 months. It is the time for positvity, the time to refocus and double down on the small details, to get back to providing quality products and services to a newly released and enthusiastic consumer.

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