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Macchiato Recipe

The literal caffé macchiato translation from Italian is “stained coffee” or coffee with a spot of milk as it’s typically a single espresso served with a dollop of steamed or frothed milk. As the ratio of espresso to milk is greater than any other speciality coffee drink, the simple and overlooked macchiato is one for the coffee purists. It’s also great for those easing into drinking straight espresso.

4 steps to make a macchiato

Step 1

Clear the extra water out of the steam wand and foam a small amount of milk in the milk jug. The emphasis here is on a small amount as we want enough room to create billowing clouds of milk foam. Remember as a rule of thumb to have two parts espresso and one part milk.

As you froth your milk, bear in mind that you should be incorporating in as much air as you can and it should be expanding quite a bit.

Step 2

As per taste or order, brew a single or double espresso directly into a small espresso glass or espresso cup.

Step 3

When you have reached the desired amount of milk foam, give your milk jug a firm tap against the counter to release any stubborn bubbles. Leave the milk as it is if you want an easier to drink macchiato with a dollop of foam on top. For a macchiato with very foamed milk, gently swirl to incorporate the foam into the milk.

Step 4

For a very foamy macchiato, simply pour the frothy pillows of milk directly on top of the espresso. For the more drinkable version, spoon a few tablespoons onto the espresso shot.

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