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Hot Weather Drinks Ideas

Hot weather can be seen as bad news for Cafes and Coffee shops, sales of Hot Drinks certainly take a hit as consumers are looking for something decidedly more refreshing and light that they can pick up quickly and easily and enjoy in the sunshine. 
So what options are available to cafe and coffee shop operators? How can you augment your drinks offer in a low cost easy way? And what ideas are deliverable at speed and with limited staff training?


Gone are the days of brewing big containers of tea, chilling it down, icing it and crossing your fingers for some sales. Now you can offer a range of proper iced tea drinks with different flavours simply from syrup concentrate. These are not synthetic, tacky syrup bases either, 1883 or SHOTT iced tea syrups are made from real tea concentrate with 100% natural flavour ingredients, ambient storage and so easy to make by simply topping up with still or sparkling water. New Mango and Raspberry flavours are great but you can’t beat Elderflower or Lemon for pure refreshment. 


Craft Sodas 

Another really easy and delicious addition to a cold drink offer that appeals to consumers who want something a little more interesting than typical canned options; something more creative and different. If you don’t have a soda stream or gun you can simply use soda or sparkling water in combination with fruit syrups such as Passion fruit or Raspberry. Well conceived recipes easily double as Mocktails too

Screenshot 2022-07-13 15.48.51
Cold brew coffee has become very well known as an option in hot weather, but lesser known is the idea of simply brewing a V60 or Clever brewer onto ice. If you ensure the cubes are large and so don’t melt so easily they bring the temperature of the brewed coffee down very quickly and when using high quality light or medium roasted specialty coffees, they create a beautifully chilled fruity coffee  option. 

Moreover, Frappes, Milkshakes and other Iced coffees such as the classic Iced Caramel Latte, do not need to be tarnished with an unhealthy low quality synthetic reputation as they often have been. Choose a quality syrup such as SHOTT and your cold drinks sales will take off once word gets out about the flavour, quality and variety of your Iced summer drink menu. 


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