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The Most Popular In The UK

The most popular coffee drinks in the UK are the Latte, Cappuccino and Americano. Increasingly, the Flat White (which is essentially a smaller, stronger latte, though arguments continue about how to define it) is becoming one of the most popular choices.

Other new coffee related drinks include Cold Brew (coffee brewed over 24 hours using cold water) and Nitro Cold Brew, which utilises nitrogen infusion with this method to create a creamy head.

Healthy Coffee Drinks

Enjoy your coffee fix on a diet

Obviously, the healthiest drink you can order in a coffee shop is water. But, for our purposes here, it could be a number of different options and depends largely upon your preferences.

The lowest calorie coffee you can buy in a coffee shop is either a filter brew or a cold brew coffee. Many coffee shops also offer a range of healthy drinks, such as fruit-based juices and smoothies (although these can be high in sugar), steamed milk variations like Beetroot and Turmeric Lattes, or bottled drinks fortified with vitamins and other supplements.

Health Benefits of Coffee

How your daily coffee can affect your health

The relative health benefits of coffee have been argued about and experimented on for years. If you are fit and healthy and partake in regular exercise, drinking one or two coffees per day will have no discernible impact on your health. It is regularly suggested as advantageous to drink coffee prior to exercise, to enhance the benefits of the exercise itself. The healthiest coffee drinks are always black filter brews, as they contain very little calorific content.

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