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Keep your staff happy to improve your business

Have your staff been quitting recently? They may be unhappy with the way they are treated or the lack of staff benefits they receive. Employee turnover can be a headache for businesses and can disrupt the productivity of the team, so it is important to look after your staff and ensure everyone is happy. We have put together some tips to improve employee satisfaction in your workplace.

Pay above the living wage

Show that you appreciate your staff

Paying your staff more than you are legally required to will bring many benefits to your business. Staff may work harder as they appreciate being paid more than they would in alternative roles. Well-being is very important and your team will have less to worry about if they aren’t stressed about money. You will also be able to hire the best staff; paying 6 great members of staff a higher wage will have more benefit than paying 10 average members of staff the minimum wage.

Recognise and reward good work

Points mean prizes

Everybody likes to feel appreciated, especially in customer-facing roles which can be difficult at times. Consider having an ‘employee of the week’ or a column in your staff newsletter which highlights hard work and excellent customer service. You will soon see changes in your team’s behaviour once they realise that they will be rewarded for their efforts. At the end of the month, giving your staff a payday treat is another great way to show your appreciation.

Spend time and money on good quality and in-depth training

You will quickly see the benefits of training your staff

If your staff feel like they can’t achieve the quality of work you are expecting from them, they will often feel unmotivated and won’t look forward to coming to work.

Providing regular training can help increase the confidence of your team and motivate them to improve upon their existing skills. As an employer, you should encourage personal development to ensure that your members of staff are progressing along their own career path.

As the old adage states “if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”

Pay people what they are worth

Don’t make the mistake of viewing your staff as a fixed hourly cost. A conscientious and knowledgeable member of staff will add significantly more to your business, through efficiency and by driving sales as a result of excellent service, than any savings you might make paying minimum wage.

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