The INDIE from Elektra is an outstanding commercial espresso machine for the specialty coffee market.

INDIE combines Elektra’s renowned style and authenticity with cutting edge design and new technology. Made from a combination of steel, aluminium, and oak, with programmable LED light accents making it a stunning addition to any coffee shop environment.

INDIE also offers absolute precision and control for the most discerning Barista; delivering outstanding flavoured espresso and delicious coffee.


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from  £46 p/w
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key features:

Hot water for espresso comes directly from the mains supply to the group heads via a patented heat exchange and thermal inertia system meaning your brewing water never comes into contact with electrical resistance so no oxygen, nitrogen or mineral content is lost making for improved flavour in the cup.

All groups can be managed independently through intuitive touchscreen displays. The temperature and volume of water for each shot can be set and adjusted, and these parameters, along with the shot time, are displayed in real-time during the brewing process.

The patented cold touch steam wands allow baristas to fine-tune the pressure from 0.8 to 1.8 BAR to suit the size of their preferred milk steaming jug