The Kup automatic coffee machine is designed to bring both functionality and beauty behind the bar of any coffee house. This technologically advanced espresso machine boasts a minimalistic design that is popular with current trends as it allows this machine to easily blend into any environment.

With the barista’s needs at the heart of this machine, the filter holders and joystick controls are specially designed to be comfortable to use at the optimal angle and non-slip wooden handles.

A large integrated cup warmer proves storage space as well as ensuring the coffee is always served at the correct temperature in pre-warmed cups.


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from £26 p/w
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key features:

Electronic control of the boiler water temperature for precise adjustment to suit your preference.

Precise adjustment of the brewing temperature at the group heads to get the very best out of every coffee that you serve. Changing the setting is quick and easy enabling you to get set up and dialed in quick when that new single origin espresso arrives (+/- 0.25°C).

High groups head clearance means its easy to pull shots into all sizes of take away cups 8, 12 and 16 ounces cups, but also in keep cups and re-usable cups of all shapes and sizes.

Lever operated steam arms which can be switchen on in any direction along with mechanical “soft-touch” coffee dispensing buttons makes operation of the both the steam arms and the group heads easy and effecient allowing you to focus on the cofee and the customer.