Our Story

After finishing university, our Managing Director, Gavin, began his career in the coffee industry as a commercial coffee machine salesperson. In 2002, after a six-month trip to Australia and New Zealand, Gavin discovered a more intense passion for coffee. Just one year later, in 2002, he founded Coffee Central Roasting Co., which started life as a coffee and equipment wholesaler, supplying the East Midlands area. Ten years in to running Coffee Central, Gavin’s desire to supply only quality, ethically sourced coffees drove him to stop buying coffee from a roaster and invest in twin 15-kilo drum roasters to allow him to start roasting in-house. Over the years, Gavin has built a team of passionate and dedicated coffee specialists, all committed to supplying the very best product and service across the UK. Today, Coffee Central supplies a wide variety of wholesale customers with small-batch roasted, speciality coffee.
Our ethos is about making coffee accessible to all. It can be ordered in bulk by coffee shops of all sizes or bought from our website to enjoy at home. Ethically sourced coffee is hugely important to us, so we work closely with the UK’s best green importers and have built relationships with suppliers all over the world to ensure the farms we buy from are sustainable and profitable for the farmers and their workers.

Phone: 01159 383999