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Geisha Finca La Colombia

Colombia Geisha

We are very excited to be offering this, our first Geisha varietal coffee and a honey processed micro lot from the superb Finca La Colombia in Antioquia.



This Geisha is special. It doesn’t disappoint – with complex, sweet stone fruit flavours and charming citrus and floral notes. Highly recommended for brewing with a V60, Chemex or Clever Dripper. Delightful.

It grows on the “Optimismo” Geisha lot at Finca La Colombia, which is a good thing to have right now!

Hand picked twice by a specialist team, its then washed, pulped and fermented overnight (12 – 18 hrs). The coffee is then re-washed, floated to remove immature parchment beans and taken to raised beds. Here it dries for 15 – 20 days at a temperature of 35 degrees until the moisture reaches 11%.


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