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El-Salvador Finca San Ernesto

El Salvador




Located in Comasagua, the Urrutias Group of estates is a 5th generation family-owned business. The farm dates back to 1870 when Mr Juan Urrutia started the family tradition of producing coffee when he planted the first coffee trees in the volcanic soil at a high altitude. Their first crop was just 27 bags. Today they produce a bit more than that across 3 different farms.

The Group offers employment to 600 people, and its’ dedication to sustainability programs have enable it to flourish. Coffees from the estates have been finalists in the cup of excellence 7 years in a row, and in 2007 the Company won exporter of the year from El Salvador. Urrutias farms have over 200 hectares of wild protected forest and hot springs that are part of the UNESCO declared Biosphere reserve. The estates focus on sustainability and Quality has been driven by the current owners since 2012 and are regular visitors on the Specialty Coffee Scene.

San Ernesto is a 140 hectare farm which recently been awarded the Denomination of Origin (DO). Certification is given by the cuppers from the Salvadoran Coffee Council under the SCA standards in order to guarantee quality and characteristics of coffee from a geographical region from the Central part of El Salvador which includes the Balsamo Quetzaltepeq Mountain Range and the San Salvador Volcano.

We love the body the honey processing adds to this coffee when brewed as espresso.

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