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Elektra Verve

The Elektra Verve is the ‘prosumer’ machine. In other words, it brings professional tech to the home coffee enthusiast. In addition, the Verve is for Coffee shops, offices and on tour! Most importantly, it combines the best of Italian design with professional performance in a compact and superbly styled machine.


Firsty, the Verve is a single group ‘prosumer’ machine and a great choice for the passionate coffee enthusiast. Secondly, it makes a great addition to any bar, restaurant, hotel or even mobile unit. Because it can switch from mains water to an inbuilt tank, for instance, its flexible. In addition it offers lots of great features, great performance and superb build quality. Moreover, all this at a price point more than £1000 less than the Linea Mini.

  • Refined design in long-lasting stainless steel an wood
  • Double boiler technology: independent brewing and steam boilers
  • High capacity dedicated dry steam boiler for better milk texturing
  • Flexible use: switch easily from mains water to the 5L integrated tank
  • Rotary pump, professional brew group & double scale pressure gauge
  • Smartphone user interface: direct WI FI connection for all settings
  • Adjust brew temp & pre-infusion using your smartphone


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