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Huskee Cup (Natural 12oz)

How about drinking a coffee from a re-usable cup made from coffee husk? That’s Huskee in a nutshell. Brilliant design and super environmentally friendly. We love these and they’re nice to drink from too!



Each year 500 billion takeaway cups pile up in landfill. Help turn the tide by choosing Huskee, award-winning, sustainable, reusable cups.

The cups are constructed using coffee husk as a raw material, meaning not only do users SAVE a disposable cup from landfill every time they use a Huskee Cup they also RECYCLE part of the 1.7 million tonnes of coffee husk waste produced each year.

These environmental credentials don’t mean the product is average either, its a quality, well made and user-friendly product.

A stylish, unique-looking cup that keeps coffee hotter for longer without burning fingers. Comfortable to hold. easy to clean. Dishwasher safe. What’s more, its built with smart draining vents on the bottom to ensure water runs off after washing.

In addition, there’ some real clever design her too with triangulation of vents on the roof of the lid. These increase the aromatics of the drinking experience while enabling the ideal pour rate. Each lid will fit any Huskee cup, regardless of size, and is made using recycled coffee husk, just like the cup. So fill your boots and get a few !


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