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The Barlume from Elektra is unmistakably retro. However, it doesn’t just look great, it also performs fantastically in high demand settings. With twin steam arms and precision brewing technology, its a match for any coffee menu.



The Barlume is unmistakably retro. An illuminated rear panel and striking 50’s styling make a real bar feature. Its therefore one of the most unique looking espresso machines on the market. In addition, a large capacity boiler makes for high performance. Its also reliable and very well built. Moreover, built-in side compartments accommodate milk steaming jugs on each side, improving workflow. Volumetric programming is standard. Above all this machine is a great balance of classic retro style and modern coffee excellence.

  • 5 Available pre-programmed coffee doses selectable through the main control panel.
  • Adjustable brewing temperature accurate to +/-1ºC.
  • The groups also have thermic stability due to their weight.
  • Energy consumption is reduced through a programmable night cycle.
  • The pressure of the pump and boiler can be monitored through a single gauge.

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