We help all our wholesale customers with free training and development for staff. We take a Holistic approach to training in preparation for succeeding in real situations. We don't offer courses for the home enthusiast but we're always happy to offer free advice and demonstrations at our roastery and showroom facility - so pop in for a coffee anytime!


Setting your grind; texturing milk; monitoring extraction; improving workflow; effective expediting; presentation; consistency and fostering a passionate coffee ethos in your business are all important aspects of our barista training sessions. Courses don’t make great barista’s; people do and there is no substitute for real performance situations. So we start with the basics, build on them and finally offer on-site, in-service shadowing support in your business.


Great tasting coffee is key to your business success. Understanding how different origins and different roast profiles taste and behave in the cup is a great way to engage your team in the coffees they are using. We offer free cupping sessions throughout the year for passionate enthusiasts and wholesale customers.