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Who is drinking coffee in the UK?

We are a nation of coffee lovers. Around 95 million cups of coffee are drunk in the UK every day. It gets us through meetings, long work days and late night study sessions. However, this makes it difficult for coffee shop owners to advertise, as they have to consider every consumer.

We have narrowed down the target market for coffee into 4 main segments so that you can create targeted advertisements for your potential customers.

Drip Filter Coffee Drinkers

A large portion of coffee drinkers actually prefer drip filter coffee, whether in the form of a V60 or Chemex. If you want to attract this customer, you will need to purchase the correct equipment. If you want to attract people of all economic levels, you will need to price your coffee reasonably. If you want to appeal to the higher end of the market, this is where you can get away with charging the extra money.

Coffee Shop Lovers

Coffee shop lovers spend a lot of time in coffee shops, in a warm, inviting atmosphere. They appreciate good coffee and the cafe culture they surround themselves in. They might spend their time studying, people watching or meeting with friends. They do not want a quick coffee- they are perfectly happy to take their time, sitting and soaking it all up.

Whole Bean Buyers

This market segment loves to make coffee, but will only do it with whole beans to drink at home. In order to please this customer, you need to sell a variety of whole bean coffees; some will have them ground in store but the majority prefer to grind them as they go for freshness. The whole bean customer buys beans from all different origins and has a good knowledge of coffee, usually having regional favourites.

Mainstream Coffee Drinkers

Lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites are just the start. If you want to open a speciality coffee shop you need to look deeper into the coffee world. This target market is willing to pay premium for a speciality product. This is a market sector that is continually growing, with consumers becoming increasingly educated in what goes into their coffee, how it’s made and where their beans came from. The mainstream audience like to add products to their coffee and are willing to pay for it!

According to National Coffee Drinking Trends, 59% of coffee drank is classed as “gourmet” – more than half of the daily coffee consumed is classed as a speciality. The younger generation is driving this growth. In order to please this customer, you should have the right equipment and knowledge to be able to serve them the coffee drink that they desire.

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