COLOMBIA El Refugio Geisha Single Origin Coffee


“Charming, Elegant, Complex, Beautiful, Super tasty, Delicious, Wow” – a few of the comments we’ve had from customers about this coffee!

Layers of flavour, lemon sponge, peanut butter, blackberry, apricot jam, floral notes, lime, cola, & bergamot. Just fantastic.

The farm is owned by the Agudelo Uribe family and is located in Villa Maria, in the Caldas region between Medellin and Bogota.

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El Refugio belongs to the Agudelo Uribe family since August of 2020. It started as a project to share family time, connect with nature and produce specialty coffee – something that all members of the family are passionate about.

The farm has 7.5 hectares of coffee in exotic varietal like Gesha, Sidra Bourbon and other Ethiopian varieties, the plants are on average 2 years old. The farm is located in the same mountain range as the “Ruiz Volcano”, contributing to nutrient- rich volcanic soils to the farm.
Before being a coffee farm, the use of the land was oriented towards livestock and grass. However, when the farm turned to coffee, the owners have planted a lot of native trees to create shading and developed an agroforest systems that seek to protect the coffee from the harsh winds and erosive characteristics of the land as well as nurturing wildlife.

These trees also help to fix nitrogen in the soil in order to give more nutrients to the coffee plantation. Additionally, since the trees are all native species, they become a natural habitat and source of food for the native fauna; especially regional birds.

The main harvest (70%) is in the second semester (October-January), and the fly-crop (30%) is in the first semester (March-June)

All the coffee processed in the farm is fully washed coffee. When the trees grow older there will probably be natural coffees coming from the farms, but the initial harvests have had great results showing the terroir and big potential of a young coffee plants while being processed as fully washed.

This is a charming and delicious coffee. The farm placed 26th in this years Colombian cup of excellence with a washed Bourbon lot. This is a their Geisha microlot. Its elegant, complex and really, really tasty with layers of flavour; lemon sponge, peanut butter, apricot jam, floral notes, lime and bergamot. It’s simply stunning as black filter or pour over, but we’ve been getting some great peanut butter and lemon sponge notes with milk drinks too. Beautiful coffee.

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Lemon Sponge, Apricot, Peanut Butter, Lime


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